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Stephenaug Stephenaug 20 April 2017

Please welcome a new Admin

We have a new Admin.  

Please welcome Natalya-ru as our newest Admin.  

Natalya-ru made her first edit here in November of 2015, and since then she has made over 750 edits and has been instrumental in upgrading the quality of many articles, images and templates.  Natalya-ru is also a Bureaucrat on the Russian language version of the Pern Wiki. 

Welcome Natalya-ru! 

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GinnyStar GinnyStar 16 September 2016

Drudges - Casual Worker - Contract Worker and Behind the Books

  • 1 This idea has been nibbling on my mind, background and more.
  • 2 History
  • 3 Types and More
    • 3.1 First Pass
    • 3.2 Second Interval
    • 3.3 Third Pass
    • 3.4 Sixth Pass
    • 3.5 Sixth Interval
    • 3.6 Seventh Pass
    • 3.7 Eighth Interval/Second Long Interval
    • 3.8 Ninth Pass
  • 4 Notable Hold
    • 4.1 Backgound - Depending on the size and staff of hold or hall major/minor and Weyr
    • 4.2 First Pass
    • 4.3 Second Interval
    • 4.4 Third Pass
    • 4.5 Sixth Pass
    • 4.6 Sixth Interval
    • 4.7 Seventh Pass
    • 4.8 Eighth Interval/Second Long Interval
    • 4.9 Ninth Pass
  • 5 Appearances

This are the unseen folks that keep the Hold/Hall/Weyr, running depending on their tech skill they might find them working under different staff, conditions, and sometime extra staff. Like Robinton and Lessa or Piemur

They are the folks that set up/take down truss tables and …

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GinnyStar GinnyStar 4 August 2016

Recording Material

  • 1 Background and History
    • 1.1 After the Move North
  • 2 Appearances
  • 3 External links

After Landing before the Second Crossing,  The shipping container were made of siliplex plastic, that was color coded, and had barcodes, it was also how many of the ships were broght to Pern as number parts of siliplex, masts, and some lines were also made of the same stuff.

Starting shortly after Landing the heads of the departments started using hand-written notes, Emily Boll was still learning how to use this, she saw that Zi Onglola handwriting look bold and angled to her.

A gray paper had been recycled many Red Hanrahan had the folks that were going to the new hold, along with the supplies he taking

  • Dragonsdawn
  • The Ford of Red Hanrahan
  • The Chronicles of Pern: First F…

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GinnyStar GinnyStar 14 February 2016

Beyond Dragonwriter

I'm not sure how much we can post, so I thought of blogging them first.

  • David Gerroldand this Size wise, and his landlady in the book
  • [1]
  • GinnyStar-STD MOT (talk) 02:30, February 14, 2016 (UTC)
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GinnyStar GinnyStar 20 December 2015

New Covers for Harper Hall Books

Deschamps and I GinnyStar used the forum Meeting of the Mind With Out

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GinnyStar GinnyStar 11 December 2015

Fighting Straps

The fighting straps and/or riding straps, are very important to keep rider and dragon safe, , Moreta, check on them before she got ill of the flu, and the last time her queen would fly for being 'egg-heavy',  that the cold of Between could eat, cold cracks, and wear out leather used. And during that fall, she and her queen disciplined a blue rider and his dragon, for careless, not having 'airspace' to go between and land, for the blue, could have end up in rock like unnamed wyerling at Benden Weyr.

You can store many things with the straps, Nerilka had to help M'barak with the apprentices' made bottles, so they wouldn't bang together on his blue Arith.

Lessa stood and her queen head, who was lowered so she could sliding down Ramoth great nec…

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GinnyStar GinnyStar 6 December 2015


To show, about Impeachment and

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GinnyStar GinnyStar 23 November 2015


I'm unsure how to explain this or if I have for  full page the, once fruit was tested safe and the right amount of sugar could, they put into the still to make ferment juices.

It was one of the first things that Ozzie Munson and Cobber Alhinwa set up when they got to the location at would be named after Drake Bonneau,

Rene Mallibeau knew that it wasn't very populer, but he did start his projects with earth soil, and grape starts,  Paul Benden did drink it.

  • Dragonsdawn
  • Chronicles of Pern: First Fall

GinnyStar-STD MOT (talk) 22:04, November 23, 2015 (UTC)

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GinnyStar GinnyStar 26 September 2015

Janis Ian

Dragonwriter: A Tribute to Anne McCaffrey and Pern

And her esssy  The Masterharper Is Gone - Herself Reading it.

listening to [A Tribute to Anne McCaffrey and Pern ]

She didn't even know that Janissian was named after her, the decation for Sky Dragons, beyound that Society's Child: My Autobiography via Audible com Society's Child: My Autobiograph  

I somewhat understand more then I thought. But trying to put into words is very hard, blushing that why I'm using this Blog post to note this down. GinnyStar-STD MOT (talk) 03:16, September 26, 2015 (UTC)

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GinnyStar GinnyStar 19 September 2015

History--Before Landing

  • 1 Work in Progress, Background of Federated Sentient Planets and the Exploration and Evaluation Corps Before reaching Pern
    • 1.1 Some of them
  • 2 Irish Folks -- Out and About - Category
  • 3 References

There is informaton about this team a long time before they get to Pern. Histroy wise its very important I think. The Exploration and Evaluation Corps team was very experienced

Character Table - After Landing - First Pass there are a few folks that are mection, between the UK and USA Dragonsdawm, but not much more. I thought having them in this table till we had, more infomaton if comes to light would work.

  • Small Contractors
  • Small folks that have smaller stakes,  thing like  that

  • Sean Connell
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Stephenaug Stephenaug 8 February 2015

IP Editing - no Username

The Pern Wiki has had many valuable edits recently from users that have not logged in with a Username. 

I am making a personal plea to these folks to please register for a Username and make your edits under that username.  My main reason is very selfish in that I have to take a quick look at each edit to make sure that there is no vandalism occuring.

Thank you for your edits and your help in improving the Pern Wiki, it is greatly appreciated, but please consider creating a username.

Thanks for listening...

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Stephenaug Stephenaug 1 February 2015

New Infobox Template for Weyrs

We have a new Infobox for use on Weyr pages - The name is "Infobox Show Weyr" and an example of it in use can be seen at Benden Weyr.

We have location maps for most of the Weyrs and the infobox uses that as its image.  I will be adding a field for the Weyr's Shield in the next couple of days, but I wanted to announce now. 

All of the Parameters are required to be entered for the template to work properly.  The Parameters are "Era Founded", "Continent", and "Major Holds".

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Stephenaug Stephenaug 31 January 2015

New Infobox Template for Holds

We have a new Infobox for use on Hold pages - The name is "Infobox Show Hold" and an example of it in use can be seen at Fort Hold.

If the hold has a Shield image, the filename can be entered in the img field.  The only required parameter is te Continent (i.e. Northern or Southern). Other parameters are "Era Founded", "Protected by" and "Known Holders"

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Stephenaug Stephenaug 26 January 2015

Pern Movie News

The film rights to the Dragonriders of Pern series were optioned to Warner Brothers in July, and on November 19th, it was announced that a screenwriter had been hired.

Stay tuned for more information.

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Stephenaug Stephenaug 26 January 2015

New Admin

We have a new Admin.

Please welcome GinnyStar as our newest Admin. GinnyStar has been with the Pern Wiki since June of 2012 and has made over 1,300 edits.

Welcome GinnyStar! 

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