Vital statistics
Gender Male
Rank Lord
Era Ninth Pass
Affiliation Tillek Hold
Spouse Esrella
Parent(s) Lord Oterel
Siblings Ranrel
First appearance All the Weyrs of Pern

Tillek Shield

Blesserel was the oldest son of Lord Holder Oterel of Tillek Hold.


Blesserel was one of three sons of Lord Oterel. He developed a reputation as a gaudy guy, and had a gambling habit that put him in debt. Blesserel eventually married and had at least four sons. During Oterel's final illness, Blesserel was stated to have cared for Oterel. However, it was a ploy to get money to pay gambling debts rather than an example of caring. Though Blesserel was considered poor Lord Holder material, he did have several supporters.

After Oterel's death, Blesserel appeared at the council scheduled to elect a successor. Unusually, he was dressed soberly and conservatively, in an attempt to downplay his reputation. Among Blesserel's supporters was Sigomal, who hoped to recoup the money for Blesserel's massive gambling debts, along with several Lord Holders known to be antagonistic towards AIVAS. However, Blesserel's brother, Ranrel, was eventually elected thanks to his reputation for hard work and his support of AIVAS. Blesserel was noted as looking positively murderous during the announcement of Ranrel's succession.

Personality and Traits

Blesserel had a poor reputation amongst many Lord Holders. He was considered a poor worker, and was known for gambling, which increased his debt.


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