Vital statistics
Gender Male
Rank Wyer lad
Apprentice trader
Era Ninth Pass
Affiliation Benden Weyr
First appearance The Smallest Dragonboy

Benden Weyr Shield Trader

Beterli was a bullying weyr lad at Benden Weyr. He often picked on Keevan, who he called «babe» due to his short stature.


When doubt was cast over how many candidates would be allowed to stand for the latest hatching, Beterli taunted Keevan, who was shovelling black rock, by snatching his shovel and suggesting he wouldn't be a candidate. When Keevan tried to grab the shovel back from him, Beterli struck him in the chest with the handle, causing Keevan to fall over a wheelbarrow; breaking his skull and leg.

As a result of this, Lessa declared that his conduct had proven him unnacceptable to the Weyr, and he would no longer be allowed to stand as a candidate. Prior to this, Beterli had been presented at eight hatchings.

Beterli also was a significant character in the gamebook Dragonfire, where he was revealed to have become an apprentice to a Telgar trader who was stealing and selling ancient artifacts from Landing. As a result of Mirrim's actions, these acts were stopped.

Personality and Traits

A bully.


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