Ben Byrne
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Rank Dolphineer, Colonists
Era First Pass
Affiliation Paradise River Hold
Fort Sea Hold
Spouse Claire Byrne
First appearance Dragonsdawn
Notable appearance The Chronicles of Pern: First Fall

Dolphineer.PNG Paradise River Stake Fort Sea Hold

Ben Byrne was a colonist on Pern. He was a dolphineer. His dolphin friend was Amadeus (sometimes called Ammie).


When the Moth, carrying Nabhi Nabol and Bart Lemos, crashed into the sea, Ben sent a team of dolphins to search for the wreckage.

Ben was one of the dolphineers that answered the red alert recall sequence that Jim Tillek rang on the big bell at Monaco Bay. He had to sled in from Paradise River Stake. The red recall was initiated to request assistance with the evacuation of Landing during the volcanic eruptions.

Appearance and Traits

Ben was a short, compact man with blond hair, bleached white in the sun; he was a younger man who had a short temper.


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