Vital statistics
Gender Male
Rank Lord Holder
Era Second Interval / Third Pass
Affiliation Fort Hold
Spouse Lady Sannora
Children Semin, Bannor, Koriana, Fiona and Kemin
First appearance Dragon Harper
Notable appearance Dragon Harper

Fort Shield

Bemin is the Lord Holder of Fort Hold in Second Interval and Third Pass.


Bemin did not approve of harpers because supposedly his wife Sannora had been in love with a harper before she married Bemin. Because of this, Bemin did not approve of his daughter Koriana being in a relationship with harper Kindan.

During the plague, Bemin's wife and sons died. When Koriana died, Bemin gave up hope, only to be inspired by Kindan. After the plague, Bemin became close with his only surviving child, Fiona. When Fiona Impressed Talenth, he was sorry to lose her but very proud of her.

He was in a relationship with Master Kelsa, and they had a child together.

Personality and traits


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