From "Dragonriders of Pern" Boardgame © 1983 by Mayfair Games Original artwork © by Robin Wood
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Rank Weyrwoman
Dragon Gold Solth
Era Eighth Pass
Ninth Pass
Affiliation Telgar Weyr
Southern Weyr
Spouse R'mart (weyrmate)
First appearance Dragonquest
Notable appearance The Skies of Pern

Telgar Weyr Shield Southern Weyr Shield

Bedella was Senior Weyrwoman of Telgar Weyr at the end of the Eighth Pass. She later came forward with the other Oldtimers to the Ninth Pass. Her dragon is gold Solth.


Sometime during the Eighth Pass, Bedella Impressrf Solth. She eventually rose through the ranks and became Telgar Weyr's senior Weyrwoman. Her weyrmate was R'mart. She came forward in time to the Ninth Pass at the request of Lessa, Benden Weyr's Weyrwoman of that time period.

Sometime after coming forward, much of Telgar Weyr, including R'mart, was injured after Thread fell out of turn suddenly. Though R'mart instructed Bedella to inform the other Weyrs, she neglected to do so. Bedella also accidentally overdosed R'mart with fellis, meaning that he could not ensure that his instruction could be carried out.

Bedella, along with most of Telgar Weyr, chose to follow Benden Weyr's lead following T'ron's attempt on the life of F'lar. Thus, she remained as Telgar's Weyrwoman following F'lar's exile of rebellious Oldtimers.

Bedella remained as Telgar's Weyrwoman until shortly before the events of The Skies of Pern. By this point, Solth had not risen to mate in three Turns, leading to Bedella choosing to retire to the Southern Continent with R'mart. Bedella was succeeded by Palla and gold Talmanth, and R'mart by J'fery and bronze Willerth.

Personality and Traits

Bedella was described as "dim-witted" by Lessa. She appeared to be prone to mistakes, and was known to forget instructions.


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