Beauty is a gold Fire Lizard that bonded with Menolly during the Ninth Pass.


Beauty is one of Menolly's original nine fire lizards. Like her siblings, she was born in a small cavern in a cliff near the Dragon Stones. Menolly, having taken shelter in the cave during Threadfall, began feeding the fire lizards Spiderclaws, and Impressed nine of them. Beauty, who was the second to be Impressed, lived with Menolly in that cave for a number of months before she moved to first Benden Weyr, in which Menolly worried about her getting fed, then the Harper Hall along with Menolly. She currently lives with Menolly and Sebell at Harper Hall.

Since her introduction, she has been used by Menolly and other Harpers, most prominently Sebell, for numerous purposes including guarding people, leading other fire-lizards and delivering messages.

Personality and traits

Beauty seems to show an unusual trait of being able to lead other fire-lizards. She is very attached to Menolly and will hiss and claw at a person who she senses may cause harm to Menolly. She is proud of herself and often will not lower herself to certain tasks. She likes to perch on Menolly's shoulder most of the time which is in contrast to her siblings who always fly all over the place.

She is a queen fire-lizard and so is about the size of a child's arm.


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