Bay Harkenon
Vital statistics
Title Colonist
Head Microbiologist
Gender Female
Era First Pass
Affiliation Landing
Fort Hold
Spouse Pol Nietro
Fire-lizard(s) Gold Mariah
First appearance Dragonsdawn
Notable appearance Dragonsdawn

Beast BlankHold Fort Shield

Bay Harkenon was a colonist on Pern. She was a microbiologist.


Bay was the Pern expedition's head microbiologist. She, along with her future husband, Pol Nietro, recognized and studied the unique capabilities of the little dragonets.

She impressed her dragonet Mariah while on an expedition to study the dragonets. Sorka Hanrahan brought her a queen egg that was about to hatch. Bay and Pol married soon after their dragonets' first mating flight.

Bay and Pol worked alongside Kitti Ping Yung as she applied genetic engineering techniques to the fire lizards in order to create the dragons.

Bay died in the 16th year of the First Pass, also known as the Fever Year.

Character Traits and Personality

Dr. Harkenon was a large woman in her late 40s when the settlers arrived on Pern. She was a kind and understanding lady.


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