Basil Tomlinson
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Rank Colonist
Head Medic
Era First Pass
Affiliation Healercraft
Fort Hold
First appearance Dragonsdawn

Healer BlankHold Fort Shield

Basil Tomlinson was a colonist on Pern. He was a medic.


Basil was the main doctor at Landing He has trained many apprentices, one of them being Greta Tomlinson (it is unknown whether she is his daughter or wife).

Second Crossing

He, Corazon Cervantes, and Beth Eagles answered Jim Tillek's mayday after the black squall hit his section. Theo Force told them about Tillek's injury, after Dart told on her.

«Old sailors never die, they just fade away»
«No matter, Theo was right», he added pointed. «He's ricked the geilcast around and split the staples. What's your opinion, Doctors?»

Dragonsdawn, Pg 425, isfdb

Fort Hold

He was later called in to try and save Alianne Zulieta, who died in childbirth.

At Healer Hall

The records he wrote were used in training medics for ground crew duty.

Personality and traits

He had dark skin. He was very good at his job. When Sorka Hanrahan was due to deliver her first baby, somehow her dragon Faranth could tell that her rider wanted Basil's apprentice Greta, not him.


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