Barr Hamil-Jessup
Vital statistics
Title Pilot
Gender Female
Rank Colonist
Stake Holder
Era Before Landing
After Landing
First Pass
Affiliation Landing
Cardiff Stake
Spouse Jess Jessup
Children 5
First appearance Dragonsdawn

BlankHold BlankHold

Barr Hamil, later Barr Hamil-Jessup, was a colonist on Pern.


Barr was one of the shuttle pilots. Her co-pilot was Sallah Telgar. On the flights to Pern, she checked all those dropping to the surface of Pern. Cherry Duff was one of their passengers, as well as Red Hanrahan and his family.

She met Jess Jessup aboard the Yokohama. By the time the pilots got together to fight Thread after the First Fall, she had five children, including a set of twins.

Appearance, Personality and Traits

She has a bubbly personality and a kind heart.


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