Ista Weyr Shield

Barnath was a bronze dragon that resided in Ista Weyr. His rider was G'dened.


Barnath hatched at some unknown point in the Eighth Pass, where he impressed G'dened, son of the Ista Weyrleader, D'ram. Barnath and G'dened would come forward four hundred turns to the Ninth Pass to assist in fighting Thread. After coming forward, Barnath flew Caylith, a junior queen at Ista, which produced a large strong clutch. While Fanna, Ista's senior Weyrwoman, was dying, Barnath and G'dened led the Istan dragons through ten falls, as D'ram was preoccupied. Following Fanna's death, Cosira, Caylith's rider, rose to senior Weyrwoman. D'ram would choose to step down, and invoked an Oldtimer custom to determine the new leadership. Despite the open mating flight, Barnath outflew the other bronzes, making G'dened the new Weyrleader.

Many years later, Barnath took his rider to a council meeting at Telgar Hold, where he was noted as being in exceptional color and health, which was theorized to be due to the new sense of purpose following the discovery of dragonic telekinesis.

Personality and traits

Little is known of Barnath's personality. He is strong enough that he has flown Caylith, Ista's senior queen, for years. Istan bronzes are reputed to be fast, and it is assumed that Barnath is no exception to this rule.


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