Vital statistics
Gender Male
Rank Lord Holder
Era Eighth Interval
Affiliation Igen Hold
Children Laudey
First appearance Dragonflight
Notable appearance Dragonflight

Igen Shield

Lord Banger was the Lord Holder of Igen Hold during the events of Dragonflight.

He attended the Council at Benden Weyr, where he was warned that Thread was due to fall over Igen. At an urging from Masterfarmer Andemon, he organized teams to find Igen Sandworms, which were once cultivated as a protection against Thread.

Lord Banger died some time in the eight years between Dragonflight and Dragonquest, as Lord Laudey was Lord Holder of Igen Hold at this point.


Lord Banger is occasionally written as being the Lord Holder of «Igen Plains», as opposed to Igen Hold itself. Presumably, this is a misprint based on F'lar's description of fighting Thread over Igen Plains.


Additional Information

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