Vital statistics
Gender female
Rank Masterherder
Era Ninth Pass
Affiliation Healercraft
First appearance The Skies of Pern
Notable appearance The Skies of Pern

Healer Beast

Ballora was a Masterherder in the Ninth Pass.


Ballora was had a high level of empathy, and initially began training as a healer in the Healercraft. During her studies, she found that she preferred working with beasts and transferred to the Beastcraft. She would eventually achieve a Mastery, and became Masterherder in the years following AIVAS's self-termination.

As Masterherder, Ballora would attend a Council Meeting as Telgar Hold. When the proposal of placing an observatory on the Western Continent, she noted that she wanted to know about the life forms there and what effect contact with known species would have. During Golanth's recovery from a feline attack, she would work to try to help heal Golanth's wing joint by making use of an unguent, though it was noted to be worse to make than numbweed.

Ballora would later send a small pack of dogs to Toric as part of his request for guards for his hold. She would send intructions and a guarantee of fertility along with them. When working with others to address the problem of felines, she would propose the use of bait tainted with an infertility substance to reduce numbers. However, she did not believe in doing away with native lifeforms.


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