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Captain Ezra Keroon
Personal 1,390
1,200 in deepsleep/25 dolphins
190 alternated
Shuttles One

The Bahrain was one of three colony ships that brought the first settlers to Pern.


The Bahrain was the smallest of the three colony ships. Its captain was Ezra Keroon. According to records, it carried several dolphins: fifteen females and nine males. Following the arrival of the three colony ships, it was left in a geostationary orbit around Pern. As turns went by, the people of Pern lost the knowledge that the Bahrain was a ship. Instead, it was assumed to be part of a trio of stars known as the Dawn Sisters.

The Bahrain's status as a manmade object was rediscovered during the Ninth Pass, when the telescope was reinvented. Following the discovery of AIVAS, parts of the Bahrain were repaired, so that the ship could be used as a base to end Thread alongside the other two ships. Eventually, the engine of the ship was removed and placed on the Red Star, where it was exploded in order to change the orbit of the Red Star. Following this effort, the Bahrain was taken out of orbit by dragons and sent on a collision course with Pern's sun, as its orbit had degraded over the turns to critical levels.


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