Vital statistics
Title Draogonrider
Gender Male
Rank Dragonrider
Dragon Unnamed bronze
Era Ninth Pass
Affiliation Ista Weyr
First appearance Dragonquest

Ista Weyr Shield

B'dor was a bronze dragonrider from Ista Weyr.


F'nor had fought Thread with him when Benden Weyr had joined Ista Weyr to fight thread over Nerat and Keroon.

F'nor thought him a «nicely conformed bronze», and imgined he, like N'ton, could be a good weyrmate for Brekke; especially since this would let her move to Ista Weyr and allow her to escape Kylara, the Weyrwoman of Southern Weyr.

When F'nor suggested Brekke request N'ton or B'dor to attend Wirenth's mating flight, she angrily told him to «stop foisting your friends on [her]», as she was secretly in love with F'nor.


F'nor mistakenly thinks of B'dor as being at Ista Weyr under Nadira, who is in fact the Weyrwoman at Igen Weyr.


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