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Benden Weyr

Arith was a queen dragon in Benden Weyr that Impressed Lorana.


Arith was born in the Third Pass, during the time of the Dragon Plague. Arith became ill before she reached her first mating flight. After a secret room was found in Benden, that had been built after the First Pass and that told of how to save the dragons, Lorana decided to try save Arith. Four vials had been left in the secret room. But, since Lorana didn't know which one to use, she decided to use a little of each for a single dose. After Lorana injected the dose, Arith yelled, "Lorana, it burns!" Then, Arith went between. It was later learned that Arith had gone back 400 years to Wind Blossom, who examined the dead dragon and discovered the cure that was later found in the secret room. After researching the vials, it was determined that only three of the vials were needed for the cure. The 4th vial was meant to be used only as a last resort - because it would turn a watch-wher into a dragon.