Fort Weyr Shield

Arith was a blue dragon at Fort Weyr during the Sixth Pass. His rider was M'barak.


Arith was young and had the Searching ability.

One day, M'barak became concerned when he saw Arith wiffling closer and closer to Oklina, his eyes whirling. Weyrlingmaster F'neldril explained to M'barak the responsibility of Search dragons and why Arith had been so discourteous. It was decided that, even though blue dragons are not usually fascinated by the opposite sex, Arith sensed that Oklina would be a good candidate for Orlith's golden egg. After the plague, Oklina Impressed gold Hannath at Fort Weyr.

While Moreta's Orlith was guarding her clutch at the Hatching Grounds, M'barak offered to transport Moreta and anyone else she needed, to find apprentice-blown glass bottles for carrying the serum for the feline-caused flu pandemic. At one point, Arith was used to transport M'barak, Capiam, Desdra and Moreta on one trip. And, later, even Nerilka took a ride, thinking that it was the most exhilarating experience she had ever had.

Personality and Traits

Arith didn't mind being loaded with people and folks for an errand, especially when Nerilka helped M'barak unload him.


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