Here is a list of anthologies. It can be omnibuses, which include several novels, also collections, which include only short stories by Anne McCaffrey, or collections of short stories by different authors, where there is at least one story by Anne.

The list is compiled in the order of publication of the anthology (not the original works included in it).

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1978 — Dragonriders of Pern (omnibus edition)

1984 — Harper Hall Trilogy (omnibus edition)

1977 — Get Off the Unicorn (collections of short stories)

1993 — The Chronicles of Pern: First Fall (collections of short stories)

1986 — The Girl Who Heard Dragons (collections of short stories)

1998 — Legends I (collections of short stories)

2002 — A Gift of Dragons (collections of short stories)

2003 — Legends II (collections of short stories)

2003 — On Dragonwings (omnibus edition)

2005 — Moreta's Ride (omnibus edition)

2006 — Dragonriders' Dawn (omnibus edition)

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