Anna Schultz
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Rank Colonists
Apprentice Dolphineer
Era First Pass
Affiliation Monaco Bay Stake
Spouse Possibly Gunnar Schultz
First appearance The Dolphins' Bell

Dolphineer BlankHold

Anna Schultz was an apprentice dolphineer during the First Pass.


Not much is known about her, she is one of seven apprentices. She did suggest that the apprentices learn from the dolphins underwater salvage, «The know it, we should know it also»

She tried working with Dart, while Theo Force, her partner was injured, Dart relented to temporary work with her, while Theo healed, Theo would putting her hand down in the water for Dart to nudged once in a while.


The exact relationship between all the mentioned Schultz is unknown. Anna and Gunnar Schultz can be both spouses, and brother and sister. Max Schultz, Emily Schultz and «the two younger Schultz» may be the children of one of them or their common.


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