Vital statistics
Title mistress
Lady Holder
Gender female
Rank mistress
Lady Holder
Era Sixth Pass
Affiliation Fort Hold
Spouse Tolocamp
Children Two not named
First appearance Nerilka's Story
Notable appearance Nerilka's Story

Fort Shield


Lord Tolocamp mistress, she and her family were brought into Fort Hold, via the firehights, by Campen by order of Tolocamp.

When they arrived Nerilka, assigned them rooms, and two drudges one general and one from the nursery, After she read the order her to act as Lady Holder, while he was

He didn't know what were the hold management that Lady Pendra did. So Nerilka had to show her stepmother around the hold, describe was keys were for what use. Then after help pick new material for her room. She sat in the sewing room, with Mara, Nia, and Lilla, who could have tunics out whats lef.

Nerilka was younger than Nerilka by several Turns. Shorter, and bottle necked


Additional Information

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