Amsterdam Stake is one of the Stakes on the Southern Continent in Kahrain Province which was founded After Landing.


Amsterdam Stake was an early settlement in Kahrain Province alongside the Jordan River. It was home to Arvi Du Vieux and his family, and the Holstrom family.

The stake and all its inhabitants were annihilated when the First Pass began. The houses of the settlement, like at nearby Bavaria and Milan stakes, had been built from pressed vegetable fibres, which provided no protection against Thread. All that remained of the settlement were pockmarked various metal objects and the heavy gauge silicon-based plastic roofing.

The Holstrom family were survived by Cyra Holstrom and her husband.


According to the US Kindle version of Dragonsdawn, "The Du Vieux and Holstroms at Amsterdam Stake, the Radelins and Duquesnes at Bavaria, and the Ciottis at Milan Stake were dead; no trace remained of them or their livestock." Neither Cyra nor her husband is named in either Dragonsdawn or The Dolphins Bell.



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