Vital statistics
Gender Female
Rank Whermaster
Dragon Watch-wher gold Aleesk
Era Second Interval
Affiliation Aleesa's Wherhold
First appearance Dragon's Fire


Aleesa was Whermaster during the Second Interval. Her Wher was gold Aleesk.


Some years before the Third Pass, Aleesa's gold was the last gold watch-wher on Pern. The watch-whers had been driven out of Telgar by D'gan. As a result, Aleesa and the other wher handlers had a low opinion of dragonriders.

Pellar found their camp in High Reaches and made a deal with Aleesa: the wher handlers would offer a chance for a wher egg in exchange for the items needed by her camp.

When D'vin of High Reaches Weyr arrived at the camp, Aleesa thought Pellar had betrayed them, but she changed her mind when Aleesk let her know that dragons must not be harmed.


Aleesa could not read but didn't want anyone to know. Pellar taught her to read.


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