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Alaranth was a gold dragon during the First Pass and First Interval. Her rider was Weyrwoman Torene.


Alaranth was one of the daughters of Faranth. Alaranth had to go to the Rim to do her daily sunbathing; and, she and Torene shared a weyr, sleeping right next to each other. As Alaranth grew, she soon did not have proper head room in the weyr. For that reason, the Bunch started started looking for more room, as is noted in the beginning of the short story The Second Weyr.

Personality and traits

When Alaranth was full grown, she was a full hand taller in the shoulder then her dam Faranth. Since Alaranth was a queen, she and Torene were at the bottom of the rescue team. She helped Torene when too many dragon voices overwhelmed her.


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