The Admin Building was located in Landing, and served multiple functions.


The Admin Building is a large building with multiple rooms. Its power came from solar panels on the Admin Building's roof.The settlers would set aside one room for AIVAS, the sentient computer AI brought from Earth. After its rediscovery in the Ninth Pass, the Admin Building underwent several changes to make it useful. It has one large room that was utilized as a conference room. A small room was set aside to for retired Masterharper Robinton's use. Several other rooms were used a classrooms for AIVAS-introduced concepts. In the years following AIVAS's self-termination, more workstations were added to help process the information coming from the Yokohama.


The Admin Building was built shortly after the original settlers arrived by Pern. When Mount Garben erupted, the Admin Building was covered in lava and ash. An attempt was made to find it some turns later, but the thick ash layer obscured the location. However, breezes and other weather events would occasionally uncover parts of the solar panels, allowing AIVAS to remain powered, where it continued its objective of finding a way to eliminate Thread.

In the Ninth Pass, the Admin Building and AIVAS were rediscovered as part of a dedicated excavation of the area. Upon entering the complex, Jaxom would call a meeting on site. A group of Craftmasters, Lord Holders, and Weyrleaders would listen to AIVAS's recital of Pern's early history, and learn that AIVAS had a plan to eliminate Thread. The admin complex would become the central location of the effort, with classes and regular meeting taking place there.

After AIVAS's self-termination, the area remained a place of learning, using AIVAS's stored data from its memory banks. A link to the Yokohama remained. During the Fireball Flood, this link was used to monitor the situation and its immediate impact.

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