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• 12/18/2018

Wanted Pages became less than 1000!!!

Hello everyone, friends!

Today there is a small reason for joy - for the first time in a long time of the wiki’s existence, it was possible to achieve that the number of Wanted Pages became less than 1000!!!

Of course, I did my best to correct non-existent links to existing analogues - it was my contributed to work, but most of the work was done by Shambala108, creating dozens of articles a week, for which we to be very grateful!

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• 10/2/2018

Yippee! A new book about Pern went on sale!

In honor of the fiftieth anniversary of the Dragonriders of Pern series, Gigi does her mother proud, adding to the family tradition of spinning unputdownable tales that recount the adventures of the brave inhabitants of a distant planet who battle the pitiless adversary known as Thread.

On the official site

On the Amazon

On the Googpe Play Books

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• 9/9/2018

New Main Page

Having finished work on articles about Weyrs, Holds and Crafts, as I promised for a long time, I'm made a new design for the Main Page.

Cheers! On the eve of the release of the new book, the design has become stylish and youth, which I hope will be attractive to the younger generation of readers. Main Page has become shorter, due to the removal of the Gallery of Books, but more informative, thanks to the Navigation section, which covers most of the content of the wiki. In the old version from the Main Page you could only get on the books and a dozen articles, the links to which were in the right column.

Currently, only the "Random Book" block does not work on the new Main Page. There is only one book added, but in the future it is planned to add the possibility of accidentally appearing one of all existing books. I will do this after I finish updating the articles about the books and their covers.

In addition, since the new design was incorrectly displayed in the mobile version of the wiki, I also made a new mobile version of the Main Page.
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• 9/8/2018

About my work

Hello, dear readers of the wiki.

I want to share with you my joy and pride. I recently completed a lot of work. I updated infoboxes of Weyr, Holds and Crafts. This work included not only updating templates, but also updating all articles and putting in order the categories tree (including - the categories of characters).

Let them still far from the ideal, but it's already much better. At least all the articles on the same topic are in one place, and not scattered throughout the wiki, cheers! And the mess in the special pages of the wanted / uncategorized / unused pages has significantly decreased.

The next step is going to do articles about books and stories.
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• 6/10/2018

Old Fort Weyr fan magazines?

I just found a box of the fan magazines/newsletters from the old Fort Weyr and Ista Weyr clubs.
Anybody interested in them?
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• 5/16/2018

Cover Art for new Dragon's Code book

Looking forward to the new novel from Anne McCaffrey's daughter Gigi. It is due to be released on October 2nd, 2018.
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• 5/2/2018

New Dragonriders of Pern Comic Book
DRAGONRIDERS OF PERN Returns To Comic Books Newsarama
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• 1/2/2018

Happy New Year!

Hope the new year brings you all much joy, happiness and success!
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• 12/30/2017

Oldtimer Wyerfolk

When Lessa brought the five wyers forward, what happened to all the support wyerfolk? Did each dragon carry 3-4 people and their belongings? If they were abandoned in the past there would be some kind o legend of just dragons and riders disappearing. Where did all the wyerfolk go? - Pyewacket
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• 2/27/2017

Inactive Bureaucrats

The Pern Wiki has 9 users that are listed as sysops.  Only 3 are currently active.  Additionally, there are 5 bureaucrats, with 4 of those not making any contributions for at least the past 5 years.
Per Fandom policy, I would like to open this discussion to see if there is a consensus to remove the inactive bureaucrats.
Please provide your input during the next 3 days.
Steve (talk) 00:30, February 27, 2017 (UTC)
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• 12/7/2015
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• 8/21/2015


There only one ref. so I"m wonder should we just put in the glossry part of here? Its shown in the contract that Ussie comment about.
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• 7/29/2015

Egg-Heavy Golds Going Between

I could have sworn I read in one of the books that gravid queens should not go Between or they might lose their clutch.  I believe the reference was made regarding queens arrriving late to a Gather because they had to fly straight over land from the weyr.  Does anyone recognize this and can you direct me to the book it was in?
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• 7/13/2015

Pronounce Piemur

Someone, please, spell Piemur for me, phonetically?  How in the heck do you pronounce it. I have two ideas, maybe they're both wrong.
PIE-mer, or
pee-AY-mer (ay means the long-A)
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• 6/12/2015

Kimmage, Reading too much Pern.

I was looking over some stuff and this name has come up, I was just thinking, you have read too much Pern, when you finding more information.Kimmage*  Chuck Kimmage* Chaila Xavier-Kimmage

* Hold
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• 3/9/2015

Blog and Short Story and New Covers and Introductions to Harper Hall Books
One of the folks who wrote and interduction
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• 2/3/2015

Fort weyr or Fort Weyr?

Along with First pass and First Fass in Categories?
Trying to be on same page with this?
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• 1/17/2015

Name of fire lizard " ==Trivia== * Her (possibly due to a coincidence, this has the same pronunciation as the Scandinavian "danger" - "farlig", "farleg", etc).

I know Anne background is in this language but if don't have a direct quote or ref I thought it should be here? Piemur
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• 12/24/2014
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• 12/12/2014

Moreta: Dragonlady of Pern, HUGE plot holes.

This book is driving me insane. It's bad enough that we know from the balad exactly what will happen...but why don't they just stop the plague outbreak at the source by traveling through time and stopping the sailors from either rescuing the creature or returning with it. And why doesn't someone hop back a few days in time and stop Moreta from overdoing it or going at all? I don't understand why there are any tragedies in these books, when TIME TRAVEL is so easy, casual, and so without consequence throughout.
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